Armin van Buuren
Armin van Buuren, A State Of Trance, Armada
About Vengeance Samplepacks

"I've buying a lot of sample packs and soundbanks over the years. Some of em really only have one or two usable sounds. Many packs depend on loops that sound distantly familiar or require a lot of processing before you can start thinking of using them. I recently went over quite a few packs and sample banks of the Vengeance series and I was pleasantly surprised. These sounds are clearly made by people that have the same frustration with sample packs as me. You can hear that the creators go to clubs often and know what works on a big soundsystem! The way I make music is I want to get excited about a certain sound or sample. These packs gave me that rush, there're so many good sounds! You'll be back in the studio making new music before you know it."

About reFX Nexus²

"I have used quite a few reFX synths for my latest productions so I always check their site and saw this thing called "Nexus²". It's really amazing because it's so hands on! Most presets are usuable instantly and the editing is simple and effective. It's the most impressive synth I've installed in the last year."

About Vengeance Producer Suite Avenger

“I’m using many instruments in my projects but for some reason one of my favorites is the VPS Avenger. I really love the hands-on controls, the presets, the effect section and I’m blown away about the arpeggiator. After a few hours of fooling around with it, I felt at home because everything is instantly accessible. You don’t have to look for hours in different menu’s for the most functions. The sound is surprisingly good and I think there’s something for every genre here.”

About Vengeance Producer Suite Metrum

"After having worked with layered kicks, various sample libraries for years I stumbled across the Vengeance boys' latest creation Metrum and it felt like coming home after a long walk through the desert. Man, this thing is the end of dodgy kicks and you can control every aspect of the kick - and more. It's not only a kick plug in, but an amazing layering system, each with total control of everything. You can also add other samples and tweak presets to form the ultimate sound bank. That it looks great on the eye makes it even more appealing to insert and I usually end up with 5 or more for every mix. Thank you guys, you have made my year!
The Multiband Sidechain from Vengeance is another gift from these talented people. Sidechaining is a bit overused at the moment, but that's your regular ducking with a compressor. This is something else completely. First of all, it's visual and then it's got some mad presets that not only will get the job done, they will inspire you if you're running out of ideas. Essential any day of the week!"

About reFX Nexus²

"My experience with Nexus is working with other producers that seem to start every production with an instance of it. I was always wondering what that funky white and blue thing was that sounds like a record. The other week I had a chance to work with it in my own production as I had a friend over that had it in his computer. The first thing that hit me was how well the sound integrate in the mix; you pick a piano and it just sits on top of the beats flawlessly. I found myself picking a sound feeling no need to try just a few more patches like you do in all other synths in case you find something better. The control of every aspect is of course present here as well and I can see myself using this one for pretty much everything from stabs to brass to leads - simply stunning!"