does Avenger require a dongle?
no Avenger does not require a dongle. VPS Avenger uses a keyfile based licensing system which is very convenient for the user. Avenger refreshes its license every 90 days, in that time you can use it even on computers without internet connection. After purchase you get a serial number which has to be activated at https://register.vps-avenger.com/ there you can download V-Man (our installation managment software) to install Avenger and all the sound content or expansion packs
is VPS Avenger 32bit compatible?
no VPS Avenger requires a 64Bit DAW. There is no 32Bit installer.
when I first start VPS Avenger...
you can find an installation guide in our videos section ...After installation VPS Avenger will ask you for the content file, this file can be downloaded in your Account and is around 6.5GB of size. You need this file to run VPS Avenger. Please press "next" for the Question, where your downloaded factory content file is located. Then VPS Avenger will start importing the factory library. It can be located anywhere on your drives.
the GUI is too big on first start
In 100% size, Avenger is made for high resolution displays. But you can turn down the size anytime by clicking in the upper left corner on the 100% button. Please set it to 80% if it should fit on a display below full hd resolution. Since the GUI is vectorized, the GUI stays in good shape, even in smaller sizes.
on how many computers can I install VPS Avenger?
You are allowed to install Avenger on up to 3 computers. Important: the computers must belong to you and must be used by you. You are not allowed to give your license key to a friend. Misuse will result in termination of the license. If you re-install or format your computer / OS, then you will get back your authorization automatically.
the download speed for the content file is slow
At the moment our servers are a bit overloaded during peak times. We have reports of very high download speed and very slow, so everything is possible. Furthermore we recommend the use of a downloadmanager which can resume interrupted downloads. (for example http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/)
can I use the content file of the demo version for the full version?
No. You need to Download the Content File for the Full Version of Avenger from your Profile after you registered your Avenger Code in your Account.
what are the limitations of the demoversion?
no feature limitations, no content limitation. But the demoversion can not SAVE, has a short noise every 5 minutes and it has to be reloaded after 30 minutes runtime.
is it normal, that my cpu fan on my laptop turns on when opening the GUI?
on certain computers / graphic card combinations: yes. Try set the FPS mode (on the SYS page tab) down. It will not look that nice any more but will save a bit of graphic CPU
how can I import samples?

here is the description taken from the english manual, page 19. The multisamples must be in a folder, where the folder name will be the name of the multisample later. You do not have to use multisamples, you also can use just 1 sample, named 1 C2.wav for example. The "_" stands for a "space".

Please choose the folder which contains the multisample. The files must be in wav format and named in accordance with the following scheme:
1_c0.wav  2_e0.wav  3_f#0.wav 4_c1.wav  5_e1.wav       etc…
This is an example of 4th intervals. You may choose any interval that you wish. Another example would be the following octave interval:
1_c0.wav  2_c1.wav  3_c2.wav  4_c3.wav  5_c4.wav  6_c5.wav
Every other interval is also possible. Instead of using numbers at the beginning, you can also use any text that you wish. The only important thing is that the note name at the end (before the “.wav”) is included. We recommend however that you do use numbers as this helps keep the files displayed in order. You can only use sharp notes (#) in note names; no flat (b) half notes.

how can I find out, where my VPS Avenger root directory on my hard disk is located?

please go to the "SYS" page tab (middle tab bar on the right) and scroll all the way down. There you can see the content location path. Feel free to change it, when you want to move your VPS Avenger library to another drive etc...


how can/should I save my own presets?

we recommend creating your own new "user expansion". Just rightclick on the librarian root (where the "FACTORY" icon is) and select "create new expansion. Now a file structure for this expansion is being created in your VPS Avenger directory, for presets, samples, shapes, drumkits, wavetables. Feel free to create any preset sub folders you like in your Win/OS explorer.


how can I turn on the ARPs?

each OSC can have its own ARP, you can switch it "on" in the OSC routing menu, right next to the OSC waveform. There you can also specify in which ARP the OCS should be sent to, if you have more than 1 ARP module activated (you can have up to 8). You can rightclick anytime on the "ARP" item in the routing to popup our cross-hair animation, which locates this ARP in the GUI for you.

How do I play individual drum sounds when using the drum sequencer?

you can use either the drum sequencer OR play the individual drum sounds but not both at the same time. By default, the drumsequencer is turned "on". You can turn it off and play the drums individually by turning drumsequencer "off" in the Drum page's routing menu.

How can I change the INIT preset?

you can design your own INIT preset. Without FX, empty ModMatrix, specifix OSCs loaded - like you want! Just resave the DEFAULT avenger preset file, or specify any preset you want on the SYS Tab page as new INIT (scroll all the way down).