Question 1: I would like to buy a Vengeance Sound product. What to do?
Choose from our range of products by browsing "soundsets", "samples" etc. via the menu bar. Every product available has a detailed description, audiosamples and a "buy" button. Your decision made, all you have to do is follow the clear and easy payment instructions. You may need a credit card, a valid bank account or paypal to complete your order. Furthermore, we recommend a fast internet connection since e. g. sample packs are easily more than 500 MB in size.
Question 2: What is important to know about the software copy protection Vengeance Sound products (plugins only) use?
All software products of Vengeance Sound use the eLicenser/USB dongle system. This requires 1 free USB port on your computer and the USB dongle itself. The dongle is not included in any of the Vengeance Sound products and needs to be purchased separately (see for example the multilingual store of www.thomann.de). Each USB dongle can hold many licenses (e. g. Vengeance Sound, Steinberg Cubase etc.), so you only need to purchase the key once and can use it for all Vengeance Sound products. You may install single-license software on several computers as only a valid USB dongle license enables software use on one of the computers at the same time.
Question 3: Do I need a sampler (plugin) to fully use a Vengeance Sound sample pack?
No. Vengeance Sound pays attention to many important aspects, and this is one of them: all samples are delivered in the popular WAV format (16-bit, 44.1 kHz) - so you can use it in almost every common sampler as well as just drag it to an audio track in your sequencer. However, good samplers might offer you even more creative, sonic possibilities.
Question 4: Can I buy the MIDI Files of the MP3 demos?
No. All melodies used in Vengeance Sound audiodemos are copyrighted. Therefore you may not use them in any way for your own purposes like learning or even a release. Abuse is prohibited and will be legally pursued.
Question 5: Do I get a discount when buying multiple Plug-Ins or expansions at once?
Yes. You will automatically receive 10% discount in case you buy more than 1 Plug-In/expansion. Just choose one of the -10% items from your shopping cart page.
Question 6: I have heard a special sound in the club. Can you recreate it for me?
No we are sorry. Vengeance Sound does not program single sounds due to the lack of time. However, you may send us the desired sound so we can consider adding it to the next soundset or sample pack.
Question 7: I have problems getting the patches into my synthesizer.
Please make sure first that your synthesizer or plugin works properly, as we take great care to fully test all our soundsets for functionality and compatibility. In case you still don't succeed you may send us an email. An even quicker way to get helpful advice might be the official support forum (vengeance-forum.com). Please provide your date of purchase and your email address when asking for technical support.
Question 8: Can I buy Nexus directly from Vengeance Sound?
No. Vengeance Sound does not sell Nexus directly, please visit www.refx.com for that. They ship worldwide, offer attractive bundles and some discounts as well.
Question 9: I want to sell a Vengeance Producer Suite / Mastering Suite Plugin, what should I do?
License transfers are possible, but require to sell your dongle together with your product (or an empty dongle, where the license you want to sell has been moved onto by simple drag & drop in the elicenser control center). Licenses can not be moved online, the dongle has to be physically on the computer for license transfer. If the new owner wants to receive future updates or technical support for his product(s), you need to purchase a license transfer from us, so the new owner will be listed in our database. Please contact Nicole "at" Vengeance-Sound.com. There you will get a link for purchase and further infos. Please note, that you only can sell hardware Dongle protected plugins, no 100% digital products, such as samplepacks or soundsets!