Vengeance Producer Suite - Philta XL / Reviews

Computer Music, Issue 162

"To sum up, Philta XL is a fantastic plug-in that totally lives up to its heavyweight name. While you've probably already got a filter, this one is more than powerful and tasty-sounding enough to justify its purchase. The modulation parameters are exciting and effective: they're clearly designed by people who know a thing or two about producing dance music. In a crowded market, it more than makes its mark!"

Performance Award, Value Award, Editors Choice Award

Future Music, Issue 237

"A filter plug from the dancefloor sample pack kings Vengeance, means a filter designed for the hardworking Dance music producer and a whole lot more. As usual with Vengeance plugs, Philta XL cuts right to the chase, with enough goodies to make it more than just another filter! Highlights: dual filters, built-in limiter, revealing spectrum analyzer."

Beat, 06/2011

"Hats off! Phita XL is an essential tool for modern electronic music which can satisfy on the entire range with its excellent and powerful filter and modulation possibilities."

Editorial's Recommendation

Music Tech Mag, Issue Aug 11

"This is a great value-for-money choice if you're either after an extreme sound mangling filter or workhorse tool, that doesn't color the sound. An absolute bargain"

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