Vengeance Producer Suite - Multiband Sidechain3 / Reviews

Computer Music, Issue 144

"Convincing results in no time! It' easier to achieve a specific pumping 'feel' than with a regular sidechain compressor. It's a neat mixing tool! An impressive debut, that serves a specific purpose in a most elegant manner."

Innovation Award, Performance Award

Future Music, Issue 219

"Vengeance delivers the ultimate tool for sidechain pumping! This will be a worthwile investment for both subtle and
extreme duties. Great on Pads and Leads!"

Music Tech Mag, Issue 88

"The envelopes are superb, making the task of getting the sounds to gel in the mix simple to achieve!"

Music Tech Excellence Award

Beat, Issue 54

"No need to be a soothsayer to know the Multiband Sidechain just like the sounds by Vengeance-Sound will have a huge impact on the club scene!"

Editorial's Recommendation

Keys, 10/2009

"Multiband Sidechain might become the standard tool for dance music. Easy and flexible sidechaining was never easier and creative possibilities are almost unlimited."

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