Vengeance Producer Suite - Metrum / Reviews

Computer Music, Issue 152

"Pro Quality, floor shaking kicks, excellent presets, easy to use, fun randomiser... We're sure some producers will wonder how they ever did without it."

Innovation Award, Performance Award

Future Music, Issue 227

"Overall, Metrum is undoubtedly the best tool I've ever used to make kick drums! Its massive feature set might be more than most producers will ever need. If you are serious about your kick drums, this is the ultimate tool for the job."

Music Tech Mag, Issue 88

"Metrum provides a broad range of fantastic-sounding kicks, that can be tweaked quickly via the easy-to-use interface. It really does enable you to create some incredibly tight, deep-sounding tones!"

Music Tech Excellence Award

Beat, 07/2010

"Metrum is without a doubt the plugin dance producers have been waiting for. Besides a crisp and punchy sound, the preset library is simply extraordinary."

Editorial's Recommendation

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