Vengeance Producer Suite - Essential FX Bundle 1 / Reviews

Computer Music, Issue 188

"Essential FX Bundle is exactly what it claims to be: a comprehensive collection of 'essential' effects processors. They are incredibly easy to use and work with, and the price is very competitive"

Music Tech, Issue March 2013

"A good-value pack that has some highlights that you'll go to for various needs."

MusicTech Value award

Futuremusic, Issue April 2013

"Straightforward and intuitive, Essential FX Bundle is a solid collection of plug-ins! Highlights: quality sound, very easy to use, lots and lots of well-designed presets"

Keys (german), Issue April 2013

"the 15 little helpers are scoring with a nice and strong basic sound, clear and easy structured GUIs, well designed detail functions and excellent presets"

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