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Vengeance Producer Suite - Avenger 2 / Reviews

Computer Music, issue 238

"Totally inspiring, utterly absorbing, ridiculously versatile and sounding phenomenal. VPS Avenger is quite unlike any other synth out there"

Editor's Choice Award, Performance Award, Innovation Award


"To do the VPS Avenger justice right now would take in excess of 50 pages. This article has barely touched on the astounding capabilities of this immense VSTi-piece...For the sound designers and bleeding edge producers, I’m afraid to say that Avenger is a must. Call it a game changer if you like – I prefer to think of it as the most powerful and elegant solution for creating hit records there is."

Sonic Joy Award 2016

Amazona Review (german)

"Vengeance Avenger is for everyone, who is looking for a versatile Synthesizer plugin, which delivers up to date sounds and can be expanded by your own sounds or expansions. ...there is almost no limit in Avenger. You can be sure to hear Avenger's sounds soon in many professional music productions all around the globe. ... clear recommendation"

facts: very big factory library / high quality and punchy sound / easy to use interface / expandable / cpu friendly

Professional Audio 6/17

Avenger offers an all-in-one package never seen before in a synth, covering all modern genres like Dance or Pop music. A true must have for every producer of these genres!

Professional Audio Highest Class Badge




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