Vengeance Mastering Suite - Multiband Compressor / Reviews

Computer Music, Issue 159

"MBC has two target audiences: those who want a well-priced and well-equipped multiband compressor/limiter to apply some final polish to complete electronic tracks, and those requiring an amazingly exciting and creative multiband dynamics processor. You want both? Then MBC goes beyond being merely a good deal to become a total no brainer!"

Innovation Award, Performance Award

Future Music, 12/2010

"This thing has loads more creative potential than your typical multiband compressor and is far more than a tool to fix a dodgy mix. If you can't get it right with this, then its time to rethink your mix!"

Beat, 02/2011

"Once more Vengeance-Sound proves a sense for highly useful tools for dance music producers. The Multiband Compressor doesn't only convince as a professional tool for mixing and mastering but also as a specialist for various kinds of creative work like rhythmic pumping, gating and filter effects."

Editorial's Recommendation

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