Vengeance Producer Suite - Multiband Sidechain3 / Changelog

Version History

Version 3.0.5
- OS compatibility update

Version 3.0.4
- fixed a problem with the envelope if the offset parameter was used.
- fixed a problem with initalizing the plugin that could cause a huge volume spike.

Version 3.0.1
- clickfilter should prevent click noise now as intended
- fixed a small issue with midi trigger where it was possible that a trigger got skipped.

Version 3.0.0 changes:

- NEW: VPS Minichain
- NEW: transient detection for audio trigger mode
- NEW: adjustable timebase
- NEW: envelope offset
- NEW: global Readout
- reworked all User Interfaces & GUI code
- fixed missing audio triggers when using the Transmitter
- removed RTAS version

Version 2.6.7 - changes:


- fixed AAX crash in PT10
- fixed a problem where the Transmitter did mute the channel audio


Version: 2.6.6 - changes:

- 64bit fix: loading a project with more than 2GB memory usage crashed.
- reworked Sidechain/Transmitter communication to get better timing when using Transmitter as trigger source.
- fixed a problem where RTAS version of the Transmitter/Midibay loads as Sidechain.
- fixed a problem where loading the Sidechain may cause the DAW freeze.
- Important: RTAS support is now deprecated and will be removed with future updates. Please use the AAX version instead
- minor internal changes and bugfixes


Version: 2.6.5 - changes:

- NEW: AAX version ( beta ) included!
- Added: Envelope snaps to every 1/16 beat time.
- fixed: fineadjust of the envelope-point level ( mouse shift ) move to the opposite direction
- fixed a feedback signal in RTAS Version of the plugin wehn it was bypassed
- fixed a problem where the audio trigger got accumlated and forced wrong triggers while the editor was closed, the sidechain input was active and the scope display was set to trigger signal.
- fixed a problem with lost triggers from the transmitter in some hosts.
- MAC: fixed a problem where the GUI caused the host to hang while turning a knob.
- fixed a problem where MidiBay Crashes Stduio One
- fixed a Problem where Sidechain does not react to MidiBay after reloading a project


Version: 2.6.4 - changes:
- rewritten the trigger mechanism to prevent trigger skips even on buffer drops ( Logic Problem )
- minor changes and bugfixes



Version: 2.6.3 - changes:
- Rework of the GUI Code to improve Performance / runs faster and smoother
- Fixed a problem where the first trigger was skipped in Logic.
- workaround for Hosts that dont support shell Plugins So Main plugin will be loaded at least. 
- fixed a problem with the preset folder when the 64bit version was started before the 32bit did run at least one time.
- Improved Compatibility to OSX 10.8


Version: 2.6.1 - changes:

- added a snap-point at 1/8.
- fixed the "missing dll" problem for the Windows RTAS version
- fixed a bug that crashed ProTools while loading VPS Transmitter. 
- fixed a crash when loading the VST3 version onto a mono track.
- GUI on MAC does not steal all keyboyard commands



Version: 2.6.0 - changes:

- improved CPU performance

- added 64bit version
- added VST3 version

- VPS Midi Bay is now a VST INSTRUMENT (VST3 only)

- new FFT design
- added a "snap" point at 1/4 for the Release Handle
- added "PresetFolder" selector and locator to the System page
- added "Aux In / Sidechain In" as seperate input source for the audio trigger
- finally fixed the BPM Sync Bug
- changed the preset handling to single presets like in all other Plugins. we recommend to save all old projects with version 2.5 first to make sure 2.6 will open them correctly
- added mono capability for AU and RTAS

- minor bug fixes


Version: 2.5 - changes:

- added full RTAS support
- updated the internal framework / graphic engine to version 3.1
- re-implemented the click-drag function to open the preset browser (left click on the preset browser and pull the mouse down 10px to open the browser)
- fixed the Logic host-sync trigger problem
- added "Multi" Transmitter support. Now its possible to have more than 1 Transmitter, each Transmitter can be named.
- the Sidechain plugin now has a pulldown menu to select the desired Transmitter
- some parameters are now handled as system settings (i.e. Triggermode, TriggerSense) so that they are not changed anymore by just browsing through the presets
- system settings are stored in a "Single Preset (.fxp)" and in a Bank (.fxb), but not in a preset within a bank. Once you load a bank, the system settings are taken for every preset inside the bank.
- state of the link button is now stored in the presets
- added functionality to the BYPASS parameter. Now the Plugin is bypassed except Input and Output gain
- implemented a Shell Plugin to have Transmitter, MIDI Bay and Sidechain in one file / Subfolder in your VST list
- if a host does not support ShellPlugins (nearly all do), the Transmitter plugin will not be available (You can use the AUX Bus or the 3 4 Input Channel (VST2.4) then)
- added MIDI Bay plugin (this is the same as the Audio Transmitter, but for MIDI). You can have as many instances as you like. You can route 1 MIDI track for example to all your MBS instances. MIDI hold is supported, too.


Version: 2.0.2 - changes:
- Added a fantastic sounding 3rd filter type called "Steep" with very hard and clean band separation!
- Fixed a bug with loading projects and BPM scale if BPM was different to 128
- Mac: Added support for Command-Left-click in he display
- Several small improvements and bugfixes
- Split Frequency knob behaviour is now more logarithmic (smoother adjustment in the bass area)


Version: 2.0.1 - changes:
- Massively improved loading times of old presets / old projects
- MBS does not crash Logic anymore, while Logic is closing
- Fixed a problem in the installer. The installation on OSC 10.4 was impossible
- The "link" button has a new design


Version: 2.0.0 - changes:
- Complete new engine (Metrums program engine)
- New rubberbands for the envelopes and the EQ. They work much smoother now
- Readout added: Envelopes and EQ have a value readout now
- A lot small performance improvements
- New improved click filter. All triggermodes should be click free (adjustable precision)
- New smooth FFT display
- EQs can fully be modified in display (like in Metrum)
- EQ dB gain has been changed from /- 20dB to /- 10dB
- Low band / high band volume is taken into account when displaying band-effect strength visually
- Lowest possible split frequency set to 22Hz
- Added trigger-hold mode: MIDI mode can hold the envelope as long as the midi note is not released (you can turn this on/off on the sys page)
- Background scopes can now display output signal or trigger signal
- Added 2 differend draw modes for the background scope: "Synced" (zero position at trigger) and "Flow" (moving from right to left)
- FFT can display input or output
- Input / output VU has a peak hold line now
- Envelope times are linked/fixed when changed by the dials or automation (can be switched off on sys page)
- Bug Fix: Transmitter Error Code 5
- Low Band and Highband envelope can be linked, so that any change made to one envelope is also done to the other
- Smoother dials: the graphic resolution / no. of steps is doubled now
- Transmitter now has a "compensation" button. It can be turned off now, for hosts which do not support delay compensation
- Host sync trigger mode can now be shifted 50% positive or negative in time. This is good, to manually compensate delay causing effects (like UAD etc...) which have been used before MBS


Version: 1.0.6 - changes:
- MIDI velocity bug (when you use MIDI via the "Transmitter" Plugin) fixed. It now responds correctly to velocity data
- A memory bug fixed, which occurred on specificif machine settings
- Further improvement of the sync (Audio Mode). It should now be much more stable in some hosts (especially on mac)
- Transmitter now shows an errormessage, if more than one instance is running or if an error occurred during channel-initialization
- Performance optimization: VPS now needs less CPU!
- Clicks removed, when Envelope Curve crosses -1 / 1
- Hi Band Volume does not react to changes of Low Band Volume anymore
- Hi Envelope Attack Time did not react to changes, if Low Envelope Attack Time was "0"
- Scope Display in Audio Mode is now working correct in Cubase SX1
- AU: VPS MBS has a real Sidechain Input now! No transmitter is needed anymore. Just send your trigger signal into the 2nd bus (Sidechain) and activate Audio Triggermode. Adjust the Sense- button and have fun.
- VST: Quad Channel Mode (L/R/Ls/Rs) is now supported! Send your Triggersignal to Ls/Rs!


Version: 1.0.5 - changes:
- VPS MBS now reacts to MIDI velocity! (the more/little velocity, the more/little sidechain effect)
- Automatic BPM scaling: All Presets were designed for 128BPM, if you used a preset at 140BPM for example, the envelope was not in sync with the new tempo. this is now history! The PlugIn automatically matches the tempo and adapt all envelopes to it. You even can make tempo automations and the MBS will follow! (You can turn off BPM re-scale at the SYS page)
- You can now route a MIDI track directly to the "Transmitter". The Transmitter will send this MIDI trigger to ALL MBS instances, which are set to "audio" recieve mode. So it is possible now, to trigger all MBS in your project with one single MIDI track! (This works with the new velocity feature too)
- new function: "Restore Factory Bank" and "Restore Factory Patch" (by clicking on the memory button you can reset your current bank or your selected preset to factory state)
- some minor bugfixes (Transmitter sync stability etc...)
- automation issues fixed (the automation curves should now be drawable "smooth" and without crackles)


Version: 1.0.4 - changes:
- stability and timing improvement for Audio Trigger mode (especially for AU)
- Mac: save bug fixed
- minor bugfixes


Version: 1.0.2 - changes:
- there were still some problems with the AU validation on some machine configurations. These should now be fixed


Version: 1.0.1 - changes:
- AU val test completes now without failure
- plugin runs on Power Mac now (unsupported / inofficial)


Version: 1.0.0

release version