Vengeance Producer Suite - Metrum / Changelog

Version History:

Version 1.2.9 - changes:
- OS compatibility update

Version 1.2.8 - changes:

- reworked auto update notification.
- Changed: doubled the OSC-AMP/ MAIN-AMP Envelope times, so that loong boom bodys are possible.
- Added: Randomizer does use "User Samples" for randomize. it will take a random sample from the location
  where the current user samples was loaded from.
- layer-mini browser will contiue stepping on the correct sample after reloading a project
- fixed a problem where loading a preset with short envlope times did set wrong curve values.
- Loading Custom-Kick Presets with the left/right buttons is now possible

Version 1.2.7 - changes:

- fixed a OSX compatibility problem
- fixed a issue with Ableton Live 32 bit and draging samples from the Ableton content onto Metrum.
- added support for 16bit AIFF-C files.

Version 1.2.6 - changes:

- fixed a problem with freezing drums in Phalanx
- fixed a problem where the right-arrow-key doesn't load the sample or preset
- fixed a problem with saving favourites
- minor changes

Version 1.2.5 - changes:
- Browser settings are stored in the correct place now.
- Browser Nav-Bar bugfix, sometimes all folders disapeard after collapsing all child folders.
- fixed a random crash when loading OSC-Presets
- fixed a problem where metrum crashes if the content is not installed

Version 1.2.4 - changes:
- replaced the browser (its now the same browser used in Phalanx)
- fixed a problem where saved projects in NI Machine did not load correct when parametes where assinged to NI Controllers
- stepping samples (prev & next) via Layer-Minibrowser is now working with user samples, too
- improved editing of envelope Release Points
- added expansion import function (unzip expansion to the desktop, click import on the system-page )
- various bugfixes
- AAX Support for Pro Tools!

Version 1.2.3 - changes:
- Rework of the GUI Code to improve Performance / runs faster and smoother
- fixed: Randomizer will crash Metrum, when a Sample from "Special Bodies" was rolled.
- Improved Compatibility to OSX 10.8
- smaller performance improvements

Version 1.2.2 - changes:
- bugfix: re-opening the editor when previously a user sample was selected, crashed the host in some cases.
- Mac-Cocoa: The editor does not "steal" every key command from the host. only arrow up, arrow down and arrow right (used for Metrums browser)
- Update now contains the factory library

Version 1.2.1 - changes:
- added new feature: Envelope speed (Timescale) for OSC Pitch / Amp and Main Env you can now speed up and slow down the envelopes for -400% to 400%
- VU falldown time decreased when stopped playing
- bugfix: Audio preview was not played back correctly for some kicks
- bugfix: sometimes the folder in the librarian was empty, when saved a preset
- bugfix: OSC Punch was sometimes not loaded correctly
- added: a browser refresh (rightclick in librarian). Refreshs the folder structure
- fixed: the keyboard graphic was "hanging" at pressed status, when moving and released the pressed left mouse button over it

Version 1.2.0 - changes:
- bugfix: Metrum will try to load corrupt wav files correct.
- added 64bit Version
- added VST3 Version
- previous and next arrows in the sample and osc slots to quickly browse through samples/presets
- improved ContentDB to save memory
- GUI improvements (Scopes, FFT, ... )
- AIFF Files are now supported
- RTAS and Mac AU now support Mono Plugin versions
- minor bugfixes ( regarding FX section )
- current envelope postion is now shown in the editor
- loading files from user content in the library should load the content correct now
- bugfix RTAS LicenseErros after moving a instance onto another slot should not occur anymore

Version 1.1.1 - changes:
- the correct fileextention will be automatically added to the preset name when saving custom-kickdrum/osc presets.
- MidiLength (Midipage) Settings will not be overwritten when the editor is opened.
- bugfix: "License is Invalid" should not occur accidently

Version: 1.1.0 - changes:
- changed internal framework / graphic engine to version 3.1
- full RTAS support added
- complete rebuild of the user-content browser. Now its possible to browse all hard drives and mark folders as favourites.
- added external drag & drop. Now you can drag a WAV file directly from an external browser into a sample layer.
- added previous / next button (samples) to each sample layer. By clicking the arrows the previous or next sample in the llibrary will be loaded.
- fixed a bug where Metrum crashed while browsing through the presets
- improved CPU performance

Version: 1.0.41 - changes:
- minor internal changes and bugfixes

Version: 1.0.4 - changes:
- When assinging a Modifier Source to Room/Gate FX On/Off, a huge CPU Spike occured
- Fixed a bug in the reverb process: The reverb sounded different while notes were triggerd faster than the kick lasted
- Fixed a bug, where a second Metrum instance crashed the whole host application
- Improved WAV reader: Metrum should not crash anymore if a WAV format is not supported
- Added support for 24Bit Float (non standard) WAV Files
- Re-implementet Mac-left mousebutton support for Mac also for the Layer Display

Version: 1.0.3 - changes:
- Re-implementet MAC-Left Mouse Support for MAC
- Fixed a crash in Librarian when using the context menu to Randomize the whole Kickdrum
- Fixed a problem where project Settings was not loaded on MAC
- Fixed a Problem with the SamplePlayer when using MidiNoteLength

Version: 1.0.2 - changes:
- Master Tune knob on Sys page ( /- 1 oct)
- "Master Tune All" as Mod Matrix target
- "Master Tune Samples" as Mod Matrix target
- full third EQ band
- third EQ fully integrated in the Mod Matrix
- Sample Offset (located above each samplers' (L1,L2,L3) Amp Env) adjustable in % (0-100%)
- Sample Offset as a Mod Matrix target (very cool effect, when you combine it for example with the Mod Env, sounds like vinyl backward scratchings)
- Playback Start-Delay for all layers (50ms). The new knob is located below the Solo/Mute buttons
- Playback Start-Delay as Mod Matrix target for all layers
- A New MASTER Filter (as Mod Matrix target) HPF / LPF
- Select and load presets in the librarian now with your keyboard cursor arrow keys (if host supports)
- Previous / Next arrows in the preset name browser, for browsing forwards/backwards through the library
- Extended OSC Amp time (longer kicks possible)
- Extended OSC Pitch time (matches the new AMP times)
- Undo function! (you can find it in Memory Button / below the "Init Preset" entry)
- Crash fixed, when no dongle is plugged. Now there is a warning window
- Full 24bit sample support
- Minor bugfixes and optimizations

Version: 1.0.1 - changes:
- Ctrl Left Click on a knob does reset the knobValue as intended now
- Small Bugfixes with User Samples Folderhandling
- increased the folderlimit from 10 to 128
- ContentBrowser will remember last content selected when re-opening GUI
- Double-Click in an empty UserWav Tab does not couse Access Violation Error anymore
- Removing User Folders works as intended now
- MAC: Loading Metrum into Logic on OSX 10.6.2 does not crash Logic anymore
- MAC: Installer Problems solved
- MAC: AppleKey LeftClick will open context Menu, for those Mac users who had problems with rightclick
- MAC: Logic Automation Bug fixed, now all Parameters appear in Automation Menu

Version: 1.0.0
First Release