Vengeance Producer Suite - Essential FX Bundle 1 / Changelog

Version History:

Version 1.0.10 - changes:
- fixed a issue that prevent host-project to load the FX settings

Version 1.0.9 - changes:
- OS compatibility update

Version 1.0.8 - changes:
- minor changes

- fixed a problem in AAX Plugin where the sidechain input was not detected correct ( VPS Compressor )


- added small limiter gr vu to the main display
- fixed a problem with bypassing the EQ in Ableton Live
- fixed a osx compatibility issue


- added shift parameter to VPS Delay
- fixed: OSX moving a fx to a different slot or removing the plugin could cause a crash.
- minor bugfixes


Version: 1.0.4

- fixed a crash that might occur while opening the editor

- fixed a problem with the VPS Limiter Bypass
- minor bugfixes


Version: 1.0.3
- AAX 32/64Bit plugin added
- added new Distortion Models (Digital, Clip Distortion, Logic Clip Distortion) and new Features!

- added many new Presets for the new Distortion Models
- added new Mid and Hi EQ for VPS Impulse

- added many new Impulse Response Presets for VPS Impulse
- added LFO offset for Phaser & MultiMod
- added sidechain input for Compressor
- added AIFF support for Impulse Responses
- added tempo-synced LFO speed times in Phaser & Flanger
- fixed a bug in RTAS Version where bypassing the plugin could bring the audio interface into a
undefined state, so that the user must restart ProTools
- fixed a problem where the Chorus did produce random noise in some circumstances
- fixed a problem where the Chorus did not sound correctly after loading a project
- fixed a proble with loading impulse-response files with other samplerate than 44.1kHz
- added fine-edit control for input/output gain

- added fine-edit control for MB Distortion band gain & frequency

- minor bugfixes


Version: 1.0.2

- massive performance improvement to VPS Impulse. its using up to 4 times less cpu. "cpu save mode" on idle, which makes it one of the impulse reverbs with the best CPU performance on the market

- fixed some memory leaks
- fixed an error that could cause the internal delays to output a signal "out of range"
- compressor does report the correct latency now
- fixed a minor bug in limiter that might cause the limiter to produce silence.
- fixed a error in the delay where the buffer memory was not fully initialized

- VST3 version: Bypassed Plugins stayed bypassed even on mixdown. This is fixed now


Version: 1.0.1

- Compressor Editor: corrected the position of some controls
- corrected readout text for flanger controls
- fixed a buffer error in: Delay, Trashverb, Flanger, Chorus
- small improvements and minor bugs
- Win-64: Syspage does display the correct cpu type now
- Win-64: Gated Reverb VST3 corrected a round off error that prevent the user for selecting ¼


Version: 1.0.0
- Release Version