Vengeance Producer Suite - Phalanx / Reviews

Computer Music, Issue 196

"Powerful, flexible and fun. Phalanx is Vengeance's best yet - add in a MIDI pad controller and beat-making nirvana awaits. It's richly featured without becoming overly complex or impenetrable - quite the opposite in fact. The included sample library is extensive and of high quality throughout, and finding the needle you're looking for is made easier thanks to the browser's clever tag system - simple yet phenomenally effective feature"

Keys, Issue 09/2013

"Due to its highly convincing sound, you can call Phalanx a "alround talent for electronic music". Phalanx offers an excellent sound and effect environment"

Music Tech Mag, Issue 126

" offered a different approach to sampling and the best workflow we’ve experienced in a while, so it will be staying on our plug-in list for electronic production for a good while to come"

Music Tech Innovation Award

Beat, 09/2013

"Phalanx scores with a gigantic Modulation Matrix and its intuitive workflow. Beyond that, the drumsampler surprises with its sound design possibilities"

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