Vengeance Producer Suite - Avenger / Expansions

Avenger Expansion pack: Bigtone

Welcome to the world of the famous sound designer "BigTone"! Explore unique sounds, which push the envelope in Avenger's sound design. Genre-wise this expansion could be best described as "Deep Techno / Cinematic / Trance" but it will suit to many other genres like Chill, EDM, Minimal or House, too. BigTone is known for creating very complex sounds with a minimum of CPU and OSC usage. You will ask yourself more than one time: wtf?! how did he do this? Especially his re-creations of "real" instruments. Enjoy this beautiful work of art!

this expansion adds to your library:

129 Avenger Presets 6 new drumkits
6 new drum sequences 33 new multisamples
43 new osc-shapes 2 new wavetables
70.00 $
Avenger Expansion pack: Future Pop

The Future of Pop Music is here! Genre specialist Stephan Endemann presents: 131 of the hottest Future / -Bass, -House, -Pop and modern Trap sounds. All ready made for charting radio music, utterly inspiring and in pristine audio quality. Enjoy wobbling Pads, futuristic basslines, tight drums and halftempo beats, booming subs, crisp leadsounds and pitched vocal synths - in short: everything you need to play in the top 10 of Pop Music!

this expansion adds to your library:

131 Avenger Presets 19 new drumkits
19 new drum sequences 50 new multisamples
17 new osc-shapes 18 new wavetables
70.00 $
Avenger Expansion pack: PSY

Here it comes: new stuff for all you Trance Lovers out there! Sound designer "Junebug" delivers with his first expansion: "PSY" a massive amount of 268 Psy-Trance presets! Consisting of spikey basslines, beautiful Arps, cutting leads, epic pads, evolving effects and tight drums. Furthermore enjoy 100 new Arpeggiator patterns in your ARP library as well as 97 new multisamples, 16 drumkits incl. sequences and 218 new oscillator models (shapes). This pack is both: gigantic in size and sound quality!

this expansion adds to your library:

268 Avenger Presets 16 new drumkits and seqs
100 new ARP patterns 97 new multisamples
218 new osc-shapes 13 new wavetables
70.00 $
Avenger Expansion pack: Funky House

House at its best! The brand new "Funky House" expansion for VPS Avenger has landed! Explore 130 of the freshest, funkiest and coolest Nu Disco, Complextro and Funky House presets of all times. Andy Hinz once again shows his skills with VPS Avenger and delivers crisp leads, deep analog basslines, vintage warm pads, plucky sequences, pitching vocals, inspiring Arps and SQs, ultra tight drums ( 25 new kits) and the massive amount of 112 (!) new multisamples, ranging from guitars to pianos and classic synthesizers which you can use in your own preset design.

this expansion adds to your library:

130 Avenger Presets 25 new drumkits
25 new drum sequences 112 new multisamples
22 new osc-shapes 10 new wavetables
70.00 $
Avenger Expansion Pack: EDM 1

Baaam! The very first expansion pack for VPS Avenger starts with 131 presets of pure EDM power! Andy Hinz, the master of modern EDM sounds delivers again... Enjoy beautiful arps, crispy basses, ultra-fat leadsounds, neverending risers and fills, big drums, plucks, synths, pianos - all you need for your next EDM club smasher! 

this expansion adds to your library:

131 Avenger Presets 26 new drumkits
26 new drum sequences 81 new multisamples
41 new osc-shapes 10 new wavetables


70.00 $
Avenger Expansion Pack: Future Chill

If you are into serious modern electronic music, your search is over: "Future Chill" is here: VPS Avengers Dark Side and the Bright Side at once... The designer duo "Solidtrax" made an exceptional debut expansion for Avenger, offering 137 of the finest Future Chill, Deep House, Chill House, Progressive, Minimal and Electronica presets. Even outstanding dark and thrilling cinematic stuff for modern trailers or Trance music is here. Get inspired!

this expansion adds to your library:

137 Avenger Presets 13 new drumkits
13 new drum sequences 26 new multisamples
50 new osc-shapes 1 new wavetable
70.00 $
Avenger Expansion Pack: Moombahton & Trap

Ladies and Gentlemen, shake your asses! Stephan Endemann presents the hottest Moombahton, Trap, Dub, House, Reggeaton and HipHop sounds of this year. Bang to 134 super modern Leads, those huge Moombah Toms, talking basslines, real instruments, fat gliding synths and ultra deep kicks... Time to produce the next summer chart smasher, with a guarantee for crowded dancefloors!

this expansion adds to your library:

134 Avenger Presets 15 new drumkits
15 new drum sequences 38 new multisamples
25 new osc-shapes 12 new wavetables
70.00 $